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My Home, My Valentine

When things are wobbly in life I always retreat home, in the past couple of years I have stopped referring to my parents house as ‘home’ and I almost always mean this house – the one where our little family of four live. I think it’s because we’ve finally made some headway and it’s mostly done. We’re talking about moving to be closer to the girls school at the moment so typically I’ve fallen more in love with the house…

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My Girls : 6/52

This time last week when I was jotting down a couple of sentences about Georgiana falling in to cow poo I never thought I’d be sat here having had the week we’ve had. To cut a very long and emotional story short my lovely, brilliant Dad had a very unexpected heart attack on Tuesday. He was at a conference in London so was taken to the Heart Attack Centre at Hammersmith Hospital, after a few hours we managed to find out…

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My Girls : 5/52

I feel like we’re in to the swing of things now… it took a whole month but our family seems to of settled back in to routines. The girls are still so tired though, and after a dose of sinusitis (me) and the hellish last week of tax returns (him) the adults of the family weren’t feeling much better either. Thankfully we had no plans this weekend so we decided to just it easy. No rushing around, no birthday parties,…

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7 not-too-soppy Valentines Day Gifts

I’ve never 100% understood the idea of Valentine’s day, I’m not sure how comfortable I am about parting with £££ for a meal in a restaurant that has been reconfigured for the evening so that it can fit in as many couples as possible. On our first Valentine’s day as parents we did exactly that – booked a meal at a nice pub (the set menu was about twice as much as usual) and found ourselves squeezed on to a…

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My Girls : 3/52

If I had to describe this week in one word it’d be ‘cold’, sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning our boiler decided to give up. Consequently me and Georgiana spent Friday snuggled up in the tent in their bedroom reading books under a cover, I ran up and downstairs every half an hour to make sure our wood burner was still fully stocked, and then my wonderful Dad saved the day by dropping off some plug in radiators! Thankfully…

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Our Wedding : The Reception

At the end of my last wedding post I left off at us exiting the church on a double decker bus. I’ll come back to the bus and all the little details from the reception later on but for now I’ll just focus on how the completely amazing and awesome our wedding reception was… if I do say so myself!Our reception was held at Huntsmill Farm, a seriously gorgeous farm with a huge field (perfect for their own wooden structure marquee),…

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